Johnny Loves Rosie Makes Cloth Face Masks and Donates to Help Our NHS

Introducing the JLR Protective Face Mask - a non-medical alternative to personal protection. During the coronavirus outbreak, here at JLR HQ safety is our first priority! As our staff work from home communicating through WhatsApp and Zoom, our thoughts turn to those working on the front line, our surrounding community and of course our loyal JLR girls. Seven weeks into a lockdown period, safety is still as vital as ever to avoid a second peak. So stay alert with our JLR protective Face Mask. And for every mask you purchase, we will send a PPE mask to our local NHS staff.


Why the JLR Face Mask is important to our NHS?


The NHS needs medical PPE, the nation needs general protection, please don’t panic buy PPE. Shortly after the coronavirus outbreak began, healthcare workers reported a shortage in PPE (personal protection equipment) which inevitably keeps them safe. Many of my own friends and family posted about this shortage on their Facebook pages asking for help. I myself, have even helped in local groups creating face masks and headbands with sewing kits I have at home to do my part! These people are working on the frontline, battling the virus, risking their own lives to help others and it is so important that we keep them safe. Healthcare workers are being asked to re-use protective masks and gowns, which in a medical setting are only meant for one-time use. This in effect, increases their chances of infection and decreases their safety. This is why the Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams has urged the general public to stop buying PPE. Instead, there are other ways the public can be safe when leaving their homes for essentials.


As a nation, we must come together to ensure they are receiving the protection they require, so with every purchase of our JLR face Mask, we will send PPE out to our local NHS staff so that both frontline, healthcare workers and the community are safe. We can all stay safe.


Why you need a set?


Thanks to the coronavirus, it looks like wearing face masks in public may well become normality for some time. The general public has been advised and encouraged to use non-medical fabric face coverings instead of a medical face mask that can be used by our NHS and frontline responders. Our JLR masks are to be used as another form of safety against the coronavirus and our new JLR Face Mask is here to minimize exposure to keep your friends, family and community safe. Everyone should be wearing one! Our Face Mask should be used as part of social distancing and personal hygiene protocols, which teamed with the JLR Face Mask will create a strong protective barrier from the coronavirus. The JLR Protective Face Mask’s come in a set of three to ensure that you are never short of protection. Wear one, take one and wash one!


What are they made of?


Firstly, our masks safety features are maintained with repeated washing, meaning our JLR Face Mask can be used and washed regularly, whilst continuing to hold the same safety properties for regular use. Our JLR Face Masks are made from an antimicrobial fibre which has then undergone further antimicrobial treatment for protection. Wearing the mask protects you from water droplets in the air (for example when someone sneezes or coughs) thanks to the water repellent agent property the mask is coated in.


How to Use the JLR Protective Face Mask


  1. Firstly, you should always wash your hands before touching the mask, to ensure you are not spreading any germs onto the mask already.


  1. You should place the mask on your face making sure it’s comfortable and snug. It’s perfect to wear when out shopping for food or essentials to ensure you and others around you are protected.


  1. Don’t touch the JLR Protective Face Mask when wearing the mask, this will decrease its effectivity.


  1. Be cautious. Wash and refresh your mask when needed. We recommended wearing for half a day for extra safety, then change your mask and wash the previous. However, if you feel you have come into contact with anyone who has sneezed/coughed in close proximity to you, remove the mask and wash.


  1. You can wash your JLR Protective Face Mask by hand or in a machine at 60 degrees and should wash after every single use for best protection.


Sending our love from JLR HQ, please remember to stay safe with our JLR Face Mask (Available to purchase Here) and stay alert!
JLR Team,

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