Johnny Loves Rosie's Best Bags Under £50

With Summer fast approaching, JLR’s Best Bags under £50 are unmissable! With chic designs fitting for the season ahead, these affordable handbags at Johnny Loves Rosie are truly ideal for your collection! The Bag makes the outfit! So it’s important us girls have plenty of styles, colours and designs to choose from, whether its small or large, party or practical, a dash of colour or classy neutrals – and at Johnny Loves Rosie we have plenty to offer! Ideal for the girly outings and afternoon tea’s we’ll be ravishing in after lockdown, you simply won’t know how you went on without one.


The Classic JLR Carrie


Grab yourself an effortless style upgrade with our Carrie Bags! The ideal Crossbody Bag for everyday – there isn’t an occasion where a Carrie won’t top off an outfit, so it’s an absolute must-have staple in everyone’s wardrobes. Lucky for you, we have plenty of colourways so you can choose the style that’s just right for you (or maybe two, three styles ...). A need in everyone’s Bag collection the Carrie Crossbody Bags are all lovingly designed using vegan leather making them not only stylish, but sustainable too! My personal favourite Carrie is our new White Carrie Crossbody Bag. Clean and simple, the White Carrie Crossbody compliments any look or style, and brightens due to its sumptuous shade! It’s perfect whether you’re dressing up or down – fitting for every occasion! The Blush Carrie Crossbody Bag is also a JLR Girl fave! Perfect for the summer as it brightens your style, the Blush Carrie Crossbody Bag is small and compact, perfect for day-to-day essentials. With lavish gold-plated details, you’ll be looking chic all day long with the girly blush number on your shoulder. All of the Carrie Bags are available for personalisation too! So if you’d like to treat yourself to something extra special, get your very own initials on your Carrie Bag for a super bespoke touch! If you like the Carrie Bag style but are looking for something bigger, maybe you have a LOT of essentials – then our Beatrice Bag is ideal for you! Made with the same vegan leather, in classy shades the Beatrice is a touch bigger than our Carrie for those occasions or trips out you need more space for your everyday items.


Something Smaller with the Acacia Circle Bag


Our Acacia Bags are perfect as little everyday Bag styles, they’re circle shape is perfect to round off your style for those afternoon trips out and evenings at dinner. The Tan Acacia Circle Bag is my personal favourite style. Formed in an elegant shape to give a chic feel, the tan shade of this Acacia is sophisticated and classy, easy to match with any outfit. Both stylish and practical, the Acacia Circle Bags are crafted with vegan leather featuring an embossed zip fastening, the Acacia opens to reveal a smooth inner lining. The Tan Acacia Circle Bag will be the sweetest addition to your outfit, perfect for city exploring and day-to-day outings.


The Sadie Saddle


Saddle Bags graced the SS20 catwalks, with many designers such as Chloe and Dior adopting the classic saddle design in their own signature styles. Since Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous saddle bag statement on the ‘Sex in the City’ movie – the saddle has been iconic!  And our Sadie Saddle Bags are the perfect take on high-end fashion with practical everyday use! Keeping it classic, the Black Sadie Saddle Bag is a must have for all our JLR Girls! It’s without a doubt the biggest bag design we have so there is no limit on space! Not only that, the Sadie Saddle Bags are crafted using vegan friendly leather making them just as sustainable as they are stylish. The Black Sadie Saddle Bag features a magnetic closure for ease and opens to reveal a fully lined interior set to hold all of your day to day items. Our Tan Sadie Saddle Bag is the newest of them all – and it’s super sophisticated. The warm, tan shade of the Sadie Saddle Bag is ideal to match with any outfit, perfect for the summer months and it’s a super easy colour to match with. The Sadie Saddle Bags are also available in Red & Blush for feminine touches!


The Bags Ideal for Occasional Wear


Our Rose Gold & Silver Carrie Crossbody Bag take the Carrie Bag style that little step further into luxury! Crafted using vegan leather, the Bags both feature shimmering material that gives that added touch of luxury to an everyday design. With all the same, much-loved quality of the Carrie Crossbody Bag you can effortlessly grab yourself a stylish and practical bag upgrade – with the added touch of shimmer in this case! If you’ve got a party or wedding coming up after lockdown, then get yourself prepared with the Carrie Bag style that is perfect for the party season! And don’t forget to personalise it! Our monogramming service is a hot foiling process, using metallic gold foil for a lavish finish. Hand stamped here at Johnny Loves Rosie HQ, you can choose whether you want your personalised initials on the side, front or strap of the Rose Gold or Silver Carrie Crossbody Bag!


Switch Up The Strap


These are just some of JLR’s Best Bag’s, ideal styles for everyday occasions! But if you love your Bag already and are just looking for a subtle change, then our Strap collection is ideal! Switch up your Bag style with a new Bag Strap! Our Billie’s and Georgie’s offer you a wide range of styles to choose from – and we love them all! Our Georgie Straps are crafted using webbing for a sophisticated touch, decorated with stripes for a chic feel. Opt for the Blue Georgie Bag Strap for a classy addition in a navy shade! Simple attach this statement strap to transform your everyday bag at the blink of an eye. Or if you’re looking for a colourful touch, then our Berry Georgie Stripe Bag Strap is the most vibrant of them all! It’s that simple to freshen up your Bag. The Berry Georgie Strip Bag Strap features a multi striped design for an added chic feel, crafted with tight-weave webbing – perfect to bring a high end feel to your look.

All of our Bags and Straps here at Johnny Loves Rosie are available to be personalised too for an extra bespoke touch, unique to you!


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