Everything you need to know

We launched the 'create your own’ collections with vegan leather bags and matching accessories so you can truly personalise and elevate your look. 

Our bespoke service allows you to select your initials, font and matching strap and keyring in one seamless design experience. With the chance to select up to 5 initials in your desired font, you can truly create your own accessories and finish off the look with your favourite straps and keyrings. 


Our bags and pouches can be monogrammed with up to 5 letters by hand via a process called hot foiling. The letters are hand-stamped onto our vegan leather accessories using gold foil! Our Bows and Ribbon keyrings can be embroidered with up to 2 letters in gold thread.


Your personalisation will be added to the front of your accessory. This will vary across each style depending on size restrictions. Across all our bag styles this will either sit above or below the logo depending on its placement on the bag.

Alternatively you can add your characters to our Eloise Bows, as well as our Harper Ribbons instead! The positioning of the letters will differ depending on how many initials you choose to have: for two initials, there will be one letter on each lapel of the bow.

Font Styles

Our Classic font is Avenir for both hot foiling and embroidery on the bows, however the font sizes will vary. For hot foiling the font size is 6mm in Height. For the bows, when having two initials the font size is 1.5cm Height, and for three initials is 0.7cm in Height. The embossing finish can vary across each style due to the texture of the grain, meaning small breaks in the foil may appear. Due to the shape of some letters and symbols, they might appear to have wider spaces between them, this is not the case and every letter is stamped with the same spacing.

How long will delivery take?

All personalised orders take up to 7 working days to be hand made and then will be shipped depending on your delivery choice at checkout. If ordering for a specific date, please allow extra time when ordering personalised items to ensure they arrive in time.

How do I care for my accessories?

Your Johnny Loves Rosie Accessory is made from our Award Winning Vegan leather and is a quality product that will last if cared for in the correct way. We recommend that you take the following measure to get the most out of your accessories. 

  1. Keep safe, stuffed and protected when not in use.
  2. Please avoid using heavy downpours, if it does get wet, please wipe off any water and leave it to dry on its own. 
  3. If left in direct sunlight that is a chance the colour of your accessory may fade.
  4. Please be aware that highly coloured dyes may transfer across to lighter clothing and vice-versa - we can not accept responsibility if this occurs.

Can I return a personalised item?

Unfortunately due to the bespoke nature of these pieces they are non-returnable and non-refundable with the exception of faulty products. If you feel like your bespoke item may be faulty please do get in touch with us at hello@johnny-loves-rosie.com to discuss this matter.


As every product is monogrammed by hand, whilst utmost care is taken, there may be incidences where two embossed bags may not be identical. Due to the nature of the hot foiling being hand stamped we cannot guarantee the same outlook every time, therefore every piece will differ slightly. (This just makes it more unique to you!) Due to the texture of our bags there may be variations in the foil coverage on each bag.


Step-by-step guide for personalising your JLR accessory

Step One:

The first step is to add your initials to your item. The placement of this will vary across each style of accessory however you will be able to see a preview of what your initials will look like on the bag once they are entered into the box. 


Step Two: 

The next step is to select which font style you love. We offer a classic and script font.  As you select each style your preview will change so you can see your design coming to life. 


Step Three:

It is now time to select the strap you would like to go with your bag. All our bags come with a matching bag strap however this gives you the chance to create a bespoke bag. As you click through the colour boxes you will see your strap choice previewed against your bag so you can see how they will look together. Please note if you do not want to select a strap you can just the next button and progress to the next step. Be sure to click 'Add strap to cart', when you're ready to progress.


Step Four: 

Once you have decided on your strap you can now pick your Bow or Keyring. As you select the colour box you will see your choice previewed against your bag so you can see how the whole collection will look together. Please note if you do not want to select a bow or keyring you can just click the next button and progress to the next step. Be sure to click 'Add bow to cart', when you're ready to progress.


Step Five: 

Your final step is to select if you would like to add any Gift Wrap to your order. This will appear as a pop up for you to select which items you would like, we have Gift Wrap, a Gift Bag and even a Personalised Ribbon to complete that extra special order. Please note once this is added to your cart you need to close the pop-up and add your designed accessory to your cart. 


Step Six: 

Time to checkout, once you are happy with your order and have double checked your selections you can checkout and confirm your order for your bespoke accessories. Please note all personalised orders can take up to 7 working days for us to hand personalise at our busiest times and make sure to look out for any pre-order dates if you have pre-ordered any items.