HOW is it September already? Don't hate me, but I'm ready to put my Christmas Tree up and embrace cold, dark nights. Ok... maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but something I CANNOT wait for is Autumn fashion - bring on the blazer coats, boots & scarves. Not forgetting the handbags (of course)! We have had SUCH a busy month, after appearing on ITV's This Morning for the THIRD time you guys sold out so many of our collections, check out our bestsellers below:
Our bestsellers for last month were the Bright Carrie Collection, you guys sold out the Orange, Blue, Green & Powder Blue, along with many others colours! These are available for pre-order so get them while you can. These pops of colour are perfect to compliment your autumn looks.

 Next, I caught up with influencer & content creator Jess Martin (check her IG @jjessmartin).  We spoke about her style inspiration and this is what she said
How would you describe your personal style?
- I tend to go for pieces that are quite clean and effortless, but that you've clearly put a lot of thought into. I also really like comfort, something can look really good, but be comfortable at the same time.
What's your favourite JLR combo?
- My favourite Johnny Loves Rosie Combination is the Black Carrie Bag, with the Orange Multi Strap and the Mocha Bow. I just really love this combination because I love a black bag because it's so simple, but I like how the orange gives it a pop of colour and the bow is a beautiful addition. 
What do you like the most about JLR?
- The bags are just beautiful, I love that you can customise them. You're also going to get quality, honestly, the amount of compliments I get is ridiculous.  I just love them.

Finally, don't forget about our Summer Sale, it's ending very soon, so you really don't want to miss this! That's me signing off, I hope you guys have a fabulous September!

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