Introducing Personalised Protective Face Masks! Staying Safe in Style

You’ve all loved our JLR Protective Face Masks – non-medical alternative to your personal protection, so we’ve thought about style, design and what will make your mask even more personal to you? Personalisation! Your very own initials embroidered right here at Johnny Loves Rosie HQ. A stylish mask that is truly owned by you. So select your favourite colour – and add on your very own initials to stay truly protected in style! Here are our options below…


Staying Safe through Coronavirus: Why you need one?


It looks as though wearing a face mask with become a necessity for everyday outings and as safety is our first priority at Johnny Loves Rosie HQ, we brought in our Protective Face Masks. The general public has been advised and encouraged to use non-medical fabric face coverings instead of a medical face mask that can be used by our NHS and frontline responders. Our JLR masks are to be used as another form of safety against the coronavirus and our new JLR Face Mask is here to minimize exposure to keep your friends, family and community safe. Everyone should be wearing one! The JLR Protective Face Masks are available in a set of three to ensure that you are never short of protection. Wear one, take one and wash one! And now why not personalise one?


What they are made of?


Firstly, our masks safety features are maintained with repeated washing, meaning our JLR Face Mask can be used and washed regularly, whilst continuing to hold the same safety properties for regular use. Our JLR Face Masks are made from an antimicrobial fibre which has then undergone further antimicrobial treatment for protection. Wearing the mask protects you from water droplets in the air (for example when someone sneezes or coughs) thanks to the water repellent agent property the mask is coated in.


Choose Your Mask Style


We have two Face Mask Set’s at JLR which feature three masks in each so you can ‘Wear One, Take One and Wash One’. Or you can buy a Face Mask separately and have it personalised with your very own initials. We have 6 colours available – Navy, Blue, White, Black, Grey and Blush, which one is your favourite? We may as well stay safe in style right? And remember for every mask sold, we donate on to our local NHS – so buy purchasing you are helping too! It’s a win, win.


How We Will Personalise


At JLR HQ for personalisation we embroider our Protective Face Masks with up to three initials using a lavish, gold thread. Once your Face Mask has been embroidered, it is now completely bespoke and unique to you – so you can feel stylish, safe and sophisticated all at once. We will then send out your Face Mask using our courier right to your doorstep, safe and sound to which you can then use for your everyday outings and essentials shopping trips. Staying safe in style - it’s the best way to have a positive outlook on the ‘new normal’.


(We recommended washing at 60 degrees before each use for extra protection)


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